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tv   Arpaio For Senate Primary Night Election Headquarters  CSPAN  August 29, 2018 2:17am-2:24am EDT

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♪ running against representative mix allete in the gop primary -- mcsally in the gop primary was. we will hear from them next, starting with the former sheriff. >> thank you. first of all, my wife thanks all of you too, and i thank all of you. manager, who you probably know from the sheriff's office.
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you know his name, we all know his name. chris. i always say that because he accuses me of forgetting his name. i want to thank all of my supporters. you are with me from the beginning. i will never forget you. congratulate colonel mcsally for her victory. she worked hard and i wish her luck. i hope she works hard to beat the democrats. i want to hold her feet to the fire, make sure she supports our president. [applause] i was with donald trump from day one, and i will be for him until the end.
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the reason i toss my hat into this race, which by the way was late, i have zero money, but thanks to all the supporters, thanks for all of those that voted for me. i gave it a shot, gave it a shot . we are gaining a republican senator. unfortunately, we lost another senator, senator mccain, who dedicated his life to protect our country. [applause] i did send condolences to his family the day before he passed away, so we should never forget senator mccain. on the other hand, as i said before, i am not going away. i'm going to do everything i can to make sure our president gets
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reelected next time around. [applause] want me to hold it? [laughter] maybe i can get a job with channel 10. [laughter] .t's not over yet i will ask all the republicans to join together to make sure republicans this time around. [applause] i have been involved in many supporting , beingntial candidates on an air chairman -- honorary
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chairman or many presidents. it was kind of a fun thing to do to associate with presidential candidates. said, there was one person who called my wife several times when she had cancer. by the way, she beat the cancer. it took me 75 years to find a euro -- hero.
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that hero is president trump. i'm not ashamed to say that. [applause] i will be with him until the end. i still have a lot of life left within me. i am still active, and going to do everything we can to make sure our president is protected. -- colonelkernel mcsally understands that, and supports our president. once again, thank you for all of your support. i don't think i will let you down. i hope i did not let you down. i am going to never forget all of you, because this is a tough race, we know it, but you stood by me. my wife stood by me, she was ready to go to washington, right? [laughter]
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i was going to rent a $10,000 condo for her. actually, that's not true, because i was going to spend a lot of time in arizona, but once again, thank you very much. as i said, i will not forget you. we are going to move forward. this is a great country. we go into cycles. i have been here long enough to know all of these different cycles. we are going to survive, and we are still the greatest country in the world. [applause] god bless america. thank you. [applause]


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